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May 6, 2021

da2x/EdgeDeflector: A tiny helper application to force Windows 10 to use your preferred web browser instead of ignoring the setting to promote Microsoft Edge. Only runs for a microsecond when needed.


EdgeDeflector is a small helper application that intercepts URIs that force-open web links in Microsoft Edge and redirects it to the system’s default web browser. This allows you to use Windows features like the Cortana assistant and built-in help links with the browser of your choice instead of being forced to use Microsoft Edge. With EdgeDeflector, you’re free to use Firefox, Google Chrome, or whatever your favorite web browser might be!

You’ll never see EdgeDeflector ever again after installing it. It does its thing transparently in the background and only runs when a link needs to be deflected away from Microsoft Edge.

System requirements: Windows 10, and your favorite web browser.

Read more about how EdgeDeflector works and why it was created.

Download the latest version of EdgeDeflector from GitHub releases
Run the installer.
The installer will open a page that guides you through some manual installation steps.

You may need to repeat the above steps after installing major feature updates to Windows through Windows Update.

You don’t need to specify your browser of choice in EdgeDeflector. It will pick up on the system configured default from Windows Settings app: Apps: Default apps: Web browser.